Crisis. It challenges. It paralyzes. It is unleashing. From the threat of legal action to social movements and media offensive or bad buzz, the swords of Damocles are always more different and surprising. But be assured: crises can not only be overcome, but sometimes even avoided. 

In all circumstances, AB GLOBAL CONSULTING supports you and brings you solutions.

Since we cannot turn back the clock, we must find the best way to move forward. Wouldn’t the best answer be anticipation?


ABGC creates solutions. Our know-how is expressed through a team of high-level experts, who intervene on security, legal, economic, political, cultural, media and many other topics. A tailor-made strategy of media, economic and political intelligence is developed in minimum time to respond to all potential or existing challenges.

ABGC is a shield.
Your shield.


More than a philosophy or a morality, the conduct of business and relationships is carried out in compliance with ethical codes, as well as human, material, and environmental factors. All missions are governed by the guarantees of professional secrecy and confidentiality agreements. A guarantee of success and trust.