The tailor-made requirement


Do you have a crisis management strategy in place? Do you have a media monitoring in place? Are you ready to communicate? 


In a constantly changing environment, the greatest danger is to do nothing.
The best strategy is to anticipate, through a complete understanding, trainings and tests.

To Know and Understand

Experts analyze and decipher the company’s ecosystem to optimize environmental control.

▪︎ Risk mapping:

Anticipate, manage, and neutralize threats effectively

▪︎ E-reputation audit:

Monitor ti Strengthen your reputation to protect your image

▪︎ Numeric investigations:


Planning a response guarantees optimization of time and management of the forces involved. Processes will provide elements of response to scenarios involving internal actors.

▪︎ Crisis scenario and process

▪︎ Crisis Communication Bible

▪︎ War room


It is only through action that we learn and understand. As part of the company’s protection and anticipation process, it is essential to train your teams: crisis exercises, participative conferences, media training and coaching.

▪︎ Crisis management training

▪︎ Internal team awareness

▪︎ Real-life crisis exercises

– Communication & MEDIA –

Building communication plans, preparing elements of language and working on speech and positioning improve anticipation.

AB Global Consulting supports you, advises you and trains you as Every plan and every speech must be embodied in its best version.

Each scenario has its tailor-made solution:
– Crisis communication training: all the keys to mastering crisis communication
– Media training & public speaking
– Digital speaking

Media monitoring

Real-time or anticipatory monitoring is an essential asset. It allows you to detect weak signals, trigger an alert or identify influencers and detractors.


During a legal dispute, common sense can be altered by an emotional rollercoaster: anxiety, pressure, apprehension… Experts are there to assist you through the crisis like a shield and a compass.

▪︎ Real-time monitoring
▪︎ Issue assessment and mapping
▪︎ Assistance in analysis, decoding and strategy
▪︎ Creation of content, definition of language elements
▪︎ Management of speeches
▪︎ Crisis community management


“If you don’t take change by the hand, it will take you by the throat” W. Churchill

▪︎ Assist with feedback and assessment
▪︎ Help find the proper rhythm of communication
▪︎ Define the messages to be broadcast
▪︎ Establish a post-incident communication strategy