Information is power. But as powerful as it is, has it become a cliché ? Business Intelligence, Due Diligence, Economic Intelligence, information research is essential. How can the right information make you powerful?

In this article, let’s first define the 3 stages of information research before defining the 3 keys to the power of information:

Take the environment into account In the name of interactivity, readers also stand out for their opinions. Sometimes they monopolize the investigative work by providing key information in a comment or post.

This journey on the web goes beyond news websites in its biggest picture. Classifieds sites, institutional, associative, corporate or governmental websites complete the course, with one common objective: information whatever the way or the nature must be disseminated.

Targeted information must be analyzed. It is a question of verifying it, of confronting it, of analyzing it. The only way for an information to lose its value is the result of replacing by a new one or invalidating by another information. Indeed, it is clear that the huge number of information and its availability give birth to a lot of false information. When information is power, fake news is a threat.

Once collected and analyzed, information must be protected. The information deserves respect, precaution and the best systems to save and protect it. Confidentiality makes the difference to save our information, like a treasure.

With the Grail in hand now, let’s get the 3 keys to the power of information:

  1. Domination
    Some people take a leadership position because of what they know. If everyone knew the same thing, then everyone would be on the same level. Information dictates our decisions, our actions, our successes. Investing in information generates the best return on investment. He who knows wins in leadership. He walks the path with the clairvoyance of knowledge and his every move will take place in knowledge and awareness.
  2. Respect
    The world is in constant search of information. People need new information, to understand old information, and to try new inventions based on old information. The man who has the information therefore has what others want. Thus, he earns their respect, even their admiration. We admire the Sage, for he holds the knowledge.
  3. Control
    Politicians, businesses, marketing teams, governments, all try to control information by posting content. Information opens up the possibility of controlling the mind. The broadcast of content will make it possible in order to disseminate an idea, an opinion, a vision. So it will create material in the minds of readers. Even some influence. This strategic approach will also find strength in the management of content. Indeed, matter acts on matter. Creating new content will delete the old content. Thus, the bad buzz of the past will disappear.

Don’t doubt the power of information anymore.

“Knowledge is the key to power, to wisdom. » Confucius